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The Train Wreck Podcast – Ep 0 – The Pilot

One year, one whole year of us doing nothing.  Syke I was raising my son, who is now 22 months, and yes he’s still alive.  So what’s this mean? The other day the strange craving came over to me to start podcasting again.  I told Rory and Dan lets get going and lets record our first pilot episode of The Train Wreck Podcast.  Welcome us, back to podcasting sit back and have a listen.  Comment, tell us what you want, tell us what you want different.

For our first episode, we’re breaking down some future plans.  We discuss what’s been going on for the last year since we shut down the The Ban Hammer, and you can hear in our voices how excited we all our to be back to podcasting.


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Gamer, Father, Podcaster. I've been doing this for the last five or so years and I love entertaining people while doing it.


  1. And here we go… ~_^

  2. I consider the fee omitted on cross-platform games a simple offering given by the console peasants to their glorious PC overlords. But really, anything that moves cross-platform gaming forward is gonna be a good thing.

    Also, I will destroy Samm’s Mario and use that five dollars to bolster the ranks of my own legion of amiibos.

    Nice to have the cast back. Looking forward to the next ep.

    • BRING IT!!!

      And thanks man, we are happy to be back and recording. Its just a matter of getting everything back in order. I have to give you a HUGE thanks for keeping things alive around here, you and Strell both kept me motivated at least a little to keep this site going.

  3. I told you guys those amiibos were going to be like crack.

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