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The Trainwreck Podcast – Ep 2 – I’ll Watch for Free

Before we even start telling you that here’s a new episode of the Trainwreck podcast, all you need to know is its a Trainwreck.  Join Rory, Dan, Jeff and Samm in last nights discussions some having to do with gaming, others having to do with nothing at all.  Its normal.  There is a part of this episode where I have no idea what was said in anyway shape or form.  Also sorry for any issues with the sound we are doing our best to get that worked out.  We WILL be live next week so go to www.trainwreckgaming.com/live and be sure to subscribe to get any updates as to when we go live.  Rory and Samm (I) will be at the inaugural Greater Philadelphia Comic Con next weekend and would love to meet listeners of the show.


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Gamer, Father, Podcaster. I've been doing this for the last five or so years and I love entertaining people while doing it.

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  1. The Russian Reversal joke is like 40 years old now. LET IT DIE.

    Also, mobile gamers are legitimate gamers. I look at it from the perspective that modern mobile games have far surpassed the complexity and depth of early games. Or are people who play Super Mario and other classic games not gamers? What’s the standard for defining someone as a gamer if not that they “play games?” Do they have to play specific games? If so, which ones? And even then, who is the authority to determine what games make a gamer?

    It just feels like closing ourselves off to an entire platform and ostracizing its fan base will do nothing to further gaming as a medium.

    TL;DR: Gamer snobbishness is bad mojo.

    Fun show, looking forward to next week!

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