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The Train Wreck Podcast – Ep 04 – The Great Philadelphia Comic Con

Rory and Samm just got back from the inaugural “The Great Philadelphia Comic Con”, well by just got back I mean they never actually went anywhere.  While at the Con this year, the team met some great folks who quickly made new friends with.

This episode the Brontosaurus is back, that’s right, the dinosaur we all knew and loved as kids, the Brontosaurus gets his name back.

AND LAST, Heroes of the Dorm, please everyone take a moment and go register your bracket.  http://www.heroesofthedorm.com.  Have some fun with the 64 teams.  *cough* PENN STATE BLUE!!!

Also please check out our friends we met at the con: (sorry if we miss anyone there are so many of you)

YeaBoutThat.com – Webcomic/Podcast/Zomiibos – See their interview HERE
Ghosts of Eden
Facebook.com/CosplayJesus – Please help cosplay Jesus hit 1000 likes on Facebook
Facebook.com/ScottDerbyArt – (the tattoo Rory stole)
Facebook.com/AnimatedByPhil – A very talented artist
AlternateDimensionToys.com (site may not yet be active)


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