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Train Wreck Podcast – Ep 22 – Rory Mad

Yep, this podcast was definitely a train wreck.  Oh well we had fun as usual.  Rory is in a bad mood, so things start off a little rough and this week’s topic didn’t take hold as I thought it would.  Tis the life of a podcaster who has narrow minded co-hosts with console vision.

We discuss a lot about Star Wars Battlefront, their new ultimate edition which is the digital deluxe and the season pass combined.  Costing a whopping $120 USD (that’s insane).  Along with that over the last weekend, Battlefront toted nine million unique players jumping into the open beta.  Plus if you are interested you can try out Star Citizen for the next 2 weeks free courtesy of the code: citizencon2k15.  I found an interesting article from a gentleman Rory knows of who goes by the name of Nobbel who covers a lot of the Demon Hunter lore and how they will play a roll in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion.

In this week’s HotS corner, we find out there will be no Artanis available for pick during the Blizzcon tournament.  Developers and the balance team are looking to find a way to balance out Lt. Morales, and we discuss how Matchmaking is still effed beyond belief.  All that and plenty more, on this weeks Train Wreck Podcast.


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