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Review: Transformers: Devastation


Transformers, more than meets the eye.  Transformers, ROBOTS IN DISGUISE! Transformers: Devastation, not just some dumb fighting game.  After watching someone else play through the first 10 to 20 minutes, it became apparent, I was completely wrong as to what I thought Transformers: Devastation was.  At its core T:D is more of a game similar to that of Devil May Cry or Dynasty Warriors (I’d be cool with a Transformers Dynasty Warriors) I rushed to Steam and picked myself up a copy for.  What I thought was going to be a fighting game (which completely turned me off) to my surprise was an incredibly beautiful cell shaded adventure that made me feel like I was playing a 1980’s episode of the Transformers.  Quite literally due to the length of the game.

Art style aside, it seemed as though they brought all the original cast back to play Autobots, Wheeljack, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Grimlock, and Sideswipe, the Decepticons on the other hand, had a bit of an off tone to them where the wannabe leader of the Decepticons, Starscream, and the ever-so-loyal Shockwave sounded a bit off.  Megatron and Soundwave because of their voice modulation regardless of who they are played by its always been hard for me to tell who is and who isn’t playing them.  All other Decepticons you really couldn’t tell.

Below, I’ll break down some of the key points of the game for you rating them from one to ten.

Technical Score – 9 (the technical score is all four main points of our review averaged)

Graphics – 10

TF_Devastation_Launch_Screen_2Above all else what drew me to this nostalgic slap in the face was simply put the graphics.  You may all remember a few years back The Banner Saga was released as an indie title by a few well known developers who started the company Stoic Studio.  The Banner Saga featured 80’s inspired cartoon-esque game.  Mind you it was a few years ago, the graphics then looked just as awesome as Transformers: Devastation does today.

Transformers: Devastator’s look is 100% amazing. It’s a personal opinion that any game/every game be done in the same manner.  Before some of you begin the boos and hisses, make sure you see what the game looks like it is spectacular.

Gameplay – 8

Transformers: Devastation starts you off chasing down some of the Decepticons, during this time and several times over the first hour of gameplay you are met with game pauses for tutorials to show you how to attack or set up combos as well as dodge incoming attacks, After the first chapter you invited back to the ARK where you can switch characters you are playing.

Once in the ARK, you may switch characters, edit the load out of your player by equipping various ranged or melee weapons you’ve picked up.  You can buy or sell moves and weapons, upgrade weapons, which makes the game a million times easier to get through.  You can also add, remove, or develop T.E.C.H which are upgrades to your chosen character’s bonuses with health, attack power, damage reduction, special bar fill speeds, etc.

One thing about the ARK, those game breaks which pause for a tutorial to tell you how to fight, or what keys to press at certain times; you don’t quite get them, in fact you don’t get them at all.  You’re on your own figuring out you how you can upgrade weapons with the Synthesize command.  If you’re wondering why Hammer with Electro cannot upgrade beyond Cryo Hammer, well, that’s simply due to the Cryo Hammer being a higher class than the Electro Hammer.  Activision’s take on this seemed a bit too “eh, they’ll figure it out” for me.

Game Audio – 10

TF_Devastation_Launch_Screen_1From the environmental ambiance to the voices of Transformers themselves, it is really hard for me to pick up on anything that I disliked.  As I said above, some of the Decepticons seemed to not be themselves, however all of the Autobots (only five of them) sounded like they did in the 1980’s cartoon.  I whole heatedly believe so long as Peter Cullen is still alive, he will continue to voice Optimus Prime wherever he can.  As I am writing this I wanted to verify everyone is still around voicing their own…  Wheeljack and Teletraan 1 are not voiced by their originals Casey Kasem who passed last year was the original voice for Teletraan 1 and Chris Latte was originally the voice of Wheeljack as well as Starscream.  Kudos for their replacements for doing so well I had to look it up to be sure.

Controls – 9

Controlling the playable characters has just worked, its simple and very responsive.  Everything seemed pretty standard and we love standard.  A was Jump X and Y were heavy and light attacks, B searched, picked up items, or engaged with an object.  Your RB was your dodge, LB was a special.  Left Trigger brought up a targeting reticle and right trigger fired your ranged weapons.  Simple enough.  I will say it would have been nice to have a bit more control over the speed of your character in vehicle mode, or the turning would be a bit more race like.

Reviewer Score – 8

To wrap it up as always, here is my score, a solid 8.  I would have given it a 10 however, the length of the game is only seven hours.  That is in Rory time as well so it may be even shorter.  The side missions are a bit lacking instead of a mission its more of a hey drive around here and beat some stuff up, or collect some items.  Maybe even a timer to complete ground slamming some locations on the map.  Overall side missions; not missions at all, more like challenges.

Pricing seems a bit high for a seven-hour game.  Fifty dollars for a game I can beat in a day is nothing to be excited about.  I would have like to see more Transformers as well, perhaps being able to play from both sides would have been cool.

That said, the game is beautiful, it plays extremely well. I don’t remember my play through or the play through I watched running into any major or even minor glitches.  If you are an 80/90’s kid as I am (not to be confused with a 90/00’s kid) and you want to be slapped with a giant pile of nostalgia, I say go out there and give it a purchase.  OR wait for either the fall sale or the holiday sale coming up very soon to buy it.

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