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Train Wreck Podcast – Ep 23 – I’m In!!!

Its time for another Train Wreck Gaming – Train Wreck Podcast.  We apologize for skipping the show last week as two of the hosts were under the weather.  This week we’re back feeling better, and discussing some great tidbits of news in the gaming industry.  Halo 5 released on Tuesday so we discussed the 60 FPS and the progressive resolution to help the Xbox meet that task.  We are discussing Alan Tudyk’s departure from the Uncharted 4 game franchise.  Overwatch his closed beta on Tuesday which meant it was time for a release of the system specs you can check them out below but we also discussed them.  No man’s sky has a release date coming up in June of 2016 for the PC and PS4, and the leaked gun images from the Doom Alpha.  All that plus our Heroes of the Storm corner, Andy gives his thoughts on Artanis and we also discuss the Halloween events going on with Heroes.  Sit back relax and enjoy another episode of The Train Wreck Gaming Podcast.


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