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Train Wreck Gaming – S2E1 – Ocu-cuse Me?

Alright we’re done with our break, and its time to start posting podcasts back to the website, HERE WE GO!  Episode one of season two brings Samm and Rory together to discuss this week’s latest and greatest news bits well greatest in their eyes. (Yes this news is old and yes it is a week late as we recorded the podcast last week it wasn’t old and the podcast wasn’t late.)  Its quite surprising how far behind you can get when you don’t do something for a month, fear not we’re back with a new build to the show and lots more to come.  We’re discussing quite a bit starting with Sony’s attempt at trademarking “Let’s Play” I couldn’t imagine what would happen were they to take over that TM.  We take a look at it through the eyes of a lawyer and review the situation as well as give our opinions.

As a former inbox collector (thanks to Rory it is indeed former) I can understand some folks want to keep their collectibles inbox, Amiibos for instance are a big collector item as of late.  For some who keep things boxed you will be happy to know the Shovel Knight Amiibo can indeed stay in its box and still be scanned for usage with the shovel knight game on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Occulus Rift pre orders opened up a week or so ago and well, I’ll leave it at this… five hundred ninety-nine dollars is pretty steep for any peripheral that’ll be obsolete by the end of the year.  Not to mention it doesn’t even have G-Sync.

Amazon Prime fires up a great deal for all gamers you can now pre-order and purchase games with a lovely 20% off as long as you are a Prime account holder. (www.trainwreckgaming.com/amazon)

Plus don’t forget we’ve got our HotS corner and plenty more to talk about.


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