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Train Wreck Gaming – S2E2 – Listenin’ Boxes

Another week and yet another Episode, do we like just listening to ourselves talk or do we think we’re actually good at doing this podcast stuff.  I’ll let you decide.  This week its more gaming talk from Samm and Rory starting off with the Five Nights at Freddy’s RPG getting its release date mid February.  We move on from that to discuss some ESPN E-Sports, Rory the ever-loving optimist give his thoughts as to why its probably going to be awesome and Samm is a bit skeptical, we’d like to hear your thoughts below.  Iron Maiden is launching an RPG and as long as its as good as the Aerosmith Genesis game both seem to be on board.

Moving on from that we discuss some great stuff with Doom, as John Romero has released a new level while he “warms up” for possibly a new project? Former CEO of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley fires up a Kickstarter for his new game Hero’s Song as well as a new company Pixel Mage.  Along with that we’ve got plenty more to talk about as well as our favorite MOBA, Heroes of the Storm.


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