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Fat Tracer

Train Wreck Gaming – S2E4 – Fat Tracer

What’s up everyone another episode of the Train Wreck Gaming podcast for you to enjoy right here! This week join Samm and Rory in some very interesting gaming discussions from news around the globe (literally). First we’re talking about the game development in South Africa, a very cool concept coming from a place with very little modern gaming due to the costs of importing. We took a look at the Lego Force Awakens video game trailer. EA has decided to not attend E3 instead they’re holding their own even just a few doors down. This week in the news there was quite a bit about Nintendo, their new online community called My Nintendo, Amiibo Sales and the top Amiibos from 2015.

After the news we of course get down and dirty with some HotS news, which of course there was plenty to talk about this week, to start, the Lunar Festival is in effect, Li Ming was released, and Nova was nerfed… Hard…

Plenty of discussion happening with the podcast tonight so sit back relax and enjoy this Train Wreck Gaming podcast.


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