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Train Wreck Gaming – S2E5 – Megabots

Its Episode 5 times, sorry for the delay, things have been quite busy around the house this last week.  On the other hand, bonus for our loyal listener-base you get to listen to two episodes on a Friday while you’re sitting around work waiting to go home.  Episode 5 we’re discussing the layoffs from Madcatz, who recently published the latest game in the Rockband franchise.  It is always hard to hear folks have lost their job especially in the gaming industry.  On the other hand, the gaming industry lacks the over saturation as an industry similar to IT.  We’re also excited to hear Pokken Tournament will be utilizing existing Amiibos, the question is… HOW!?!?! And lastly before our HotS corner, its all about the Division debacle.  What do you think? Is Ubisoft lying about not dumbing down the PC version or are they telling the truth and the PC version is getting a ground up build?  We would be interested in hearing your thoughts as well, especially with the open beta launch coming this weekend.


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