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Train Wreck Gaming – S2E6 – The Gamer Division

Train Wreck Podcast, episode 6 of season 2 definitely starts off slow with a great ending. This week’s episode we open the show discussing Fallout 4’s DLC’s which fire off in March. I’ve been looking forward to them even though I have yet to complete game. New content is always welcomed with open arms. As with last week and Madcatz layoffs due to Rockband’s low sales, Activision seems to be struggling from the same issue and has laid off a large number of employees pertaining to the Guitar Hero brand. We also talk about some new figures coming out for the remake of Final Fantasy VII, this was an interesting topic as Rory filled Samm in on the manufacturer of these figures not being the best, and usually release chincy products. Of course our HotS corner hits the airwaves, Li Ming gets her nerf (she greatly needed), Anub seems to be a bit more viable again, Rehgar comes down a small notch, and the other change is so insignificant I am having an issue remembering it.


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