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Nintendo Switch – Overly Opinionated Review

Well, I have had a working Nintendo Switch for a few days now and its about time I discuss it a bit.  When the preorders opened in January, and after seeing the lineup the decision was made to skip the preorder.  However, one game, one dream I’ve always had was playing Pokemon on the television.  Yes, I am aware you could play the GameBoy versions; however that’s not what is being referred to here.  With no announcement of when or if Pokemon Stars would ever make it to the Switch, I opted to skip on the preorder.  After speaking with a friend who is a Game Stop Manager, ironically not the Gamestop I frequent, I was told it is possible we won’t see the second wave of the new Nintendo console until mid to late 2017.  This immediately changed my mind regardless of being unimpressed with the launch titles.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the only thing I would even remotely have any interest in playing this time around.  I believe the next game even being considered doesn’t come until sometime in May.  (I’d have to look it and right now as I am writing this I am feeling a bit lazy, so bear with me.)  I am no Zelda fan, and I plan on writing my own review in our normal format later for now lets focus on the Nintendo Switch.

Firstly, my initial midnight release Nintendo Switch had a fan issue.  As soon as the system was turned on the fan started buzzing.  My heart sunk, I had decided to stay up late, pick up the switch that night and get maybe an hour of play time in.  Not knowing what to do, the system was shut down and off to bed I went.  First, I posted my aggravation to Facebook, then Twitter (if you really want to see the sound it made check my twitter account http://twitter.com/SammMoney).  After no response there, I looked to my friends who might be able to help, asking first would GameStop do anything for me?  If you’ve listened to any of my podcasts in the last seven years, you should know, I am no fan of GameStop.  My manager friend recommended I call my GameStop talk to the manager, and see about getting a replacement sent.  I did just that, and what needs to be made clear, my GameStop takes care of their customers, Darla (the GM there) is amazing.  She constantly checks in with people, she’s personable, and things happen when they need to happen.  We stop in at least once a week just to take a look around see what’s new what’s on sale and maybe chat it up a bit about what’s coming.  If the store is slow, Darla will give you the time of day to discuss the latest and greatest coming in.  She and my other unnamed friend have both restored my faith in the GameStop.  That is not to say I agree 100% with how they run their business but I will shop there now.

All you guys need to know is GameStop took care of me and took care of my problem.  I got a new Nintendo Switch about a week later and all is well.  The Switch itself is an awesome concept.  Its exactly what I wanted out of the Wii U.  A handheld system with the power of an actual console.

For starters lets talk the looks:

I acquired the Switch with the colored Joy-Cons, after seeing them in person I just like the colors.  They stand out and personal opinion, they look cool.  The Switch’s simple design is perfect, not much larger than a seven inch tablet and doesn’t feel much heavier than my sons Amazon Fire tablet.  The dock is small and fits nicely under my TV and does not stand out as an eye sore.  After an argument on Imgur I figured out the Switch’s air inlets are also the speaker grills, when the system is in the dock this causes the console to run a little hotter than normal which in my opinion could be part of the frame rate drop issues some people are seeing.  I would also like to make a point the dock is nothing more than a glorified HDMI port.  I does not seem to do anything else beyond sending the image to the screen and providing power to the system itself.

One thing that pissed me off though was the power cord, all electronics manufacturers need to figure out either a rotating plug or plugs that go out to the side.  Needless to say I had to rearrange the surge protector to suit the fit of the Switch’s power brick.

The Joy Cons:

Off the Switch the Joycons are a bit small, great for my son, terrible for me.  The concept is great, I completely understand the concept behind their size, its a minor complaint, I make due with what I’ve got.  It is an absolute joy to me to play a game with one arm across the back of the couch and the other arm on the arm of the couch in my “comfortable” position.  Lately, and its probably due to my size, it feels as though my body is trying to rip the controllers in half when playing games.  Its like two forces pulling apart on either side of the controller.

The OS:

So far, the Switch OS seems pretty straight forward, as with the Wii U compared to the Wii, it doesn’t seem too far off from Nintendo’s last iteration.  Nintendo Mii’s seem to be a bit more pronounced with the Switch as you are offered to create one immediately after setting up the system and your initial user profile.

Game Cartridge:

Nintendo choosing to go back to the game cartridge was absolutely brilliant for their flagship system.  We are seeing SD cards and Micro SD cards hitting upwards of 256 GB of space at a reasonable price.  It only makes sense to get back into that market for their Nintendo Switch.

Regardless of this console’s shortcomings, I welcome the Nintendo Switch with open arms.  It is my opinion that Nintendo will take care of any issues that may come up in the future or during its first few months of launch.  Nintendo has been steady communicating with its customers on feedback regarding at least one issue having to do with the dock scratching the screens.  Yes, some systems had problems at launch.  Yes, that sucks.  Do what I did, contact the retailer where you purchased your Switch.  If you need to annoy them until something is done.  I on the other hand played it cool, it wasn’t my GameStops fault, or GameStop in general’s fault that my system was screwed up.  They took care of it as soon as possible, and for that I am grateful.  “The Nintendo Switch isn’t nearly as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox One.” That is correct and I don’t think it really needs to be, Nintendo has essentially opened the flood gates for a spectacular opportunity for the next generation of consoles to come.  Sony and Microsoft both have to see where the sales are with the Nintendo Switch and acknowledge what it is; a mobile gaming console.  Could you imagine a full powered Xbox One or PlayStation 4 in the palm of your hands?  The future of console gaming could be completely changed with the Nintendo Switch.

Thank you for reading my quick little article, I plan to release another article later in the week giving my overly opinionated point of view of Zelda.  For now, if you have the opportunity to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch, I full encourage you to do so.

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