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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

With the release of the Nintendo Switch, we are finally given the Zelda game everyone was waiting for while the Wii U was still the main console.  I have had about two weeks with the game and would love to offer my review of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  Some of you may be thinking but the Switch has been out for three weeks now.  Yes, you are correct however my system was broken, and I had to wait for a replacement.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a breath of fresh air when it comes to Zelda games.  It’s like the Skyrim of the Zelda franchise.  Upon the first launch you are met with beautiful graphics, a wonderful tutorial that avoided feeling like a tutorial and, a sense of openness Zelda fans have yet to experience.

I am sure you have made your way around the internet and read the reviews giving Zelda: Breath of the Wild; 10 out of 10, a perfect game, game of the year scores.  However, I have to say while it is fun, and I highly recommend it.  Zelda: Breath of the Wild far from deserves those scores.  Maybe “far from” is a bit harsh, regardless 10 out of 10 it is not.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s beautiful art style is absolutely stunning.  Nintendo has done a wonderful job of creating beautiful color rich world that stands out from its previous games.  Not saying previous games looked terrible for their time, I just feel this Zelda, above the others, pops out of my television or Switch screen.  It doesn’t just stop with the environments either, some of the various race of beings, the foods you cook, the various armors, the animals.  I am without a doubt in my mind, in love with the stylized cell shading chosen for Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Controls

I seem to run into an issue with Zelda though when it comes to controls.  Personally, I have not picked up a Nintendo Pro Controller, thusly I can only speak to the Joy Cons.  That said, I HATE the controls in Breath of the Wild.  The dodge system is awful, timing is important, and it almost seems to have to be dead on timing, not a millisecond late or early.  It took me forever to nail down the special attack you get when you time a dodge or parry correctly.  The weapon switching when you’re in the middle of a fight because your sword, shield, or bow shattered (more on that later) is such a pain in the ass.  I cannot tell you how often I have to run from a fight, switch weapons all because my sword shattered mid combo.  Switching weapons with the right button on the D pad, switching spells with the up button, holding the right trigger or ZR as it’s called on the switch, then hitting the left arrow on the D-pad to switch the arrows or the right arrow on the D-pad to switch your bows.  It’s quite literally a pain in the ass.  A B X Y I know Nintendo was around first, but my god, can we please get together with Xbox and decide which is the correct way to place these buttons.  For the love of me I cannot get the A B X and Y buttons to cooperate in my head.  I know in Japan they read right to left, and here in the states we read left to right, I’m not sure if that is the reason behind me having such an issue or what for whatever reason I cannot get the buttons down.

The Durability System

Durability… DURABILITY… WEAPON, SHEILD AND BOW DURABILITY!!!  The durability system in Zelda: Breath of the Wild almost completely ruins the game.  Most of the time it has caused me to turn the game off.  I have determined this is not a personal issue either, friends who I speak with regularly have the same issue.  I would not mind the system so much if a couple of things were changed.  Give me a place to repair my weapons and bows, and whatever else I may have that break.  Be it a place where I have to talk to Bilbo Baggins give him X, Y, and Z items plus W number of rupies.  Or let me hit an anvil for a few seconds with X, Y, and Z items.  I don’t care give me a way to repair my stuff.  Or, if my sword breaks mid fight, switch me to the next weapon to my right and let me sort my weapons to my liking.  I do not care if it takes a second to pull the sword out and prepare for a fight.  Just do something about this system that makes it a bit easier.

The Cooking

Since, I am currently in my complaining mode let me jump to cooking for a moment.  I like the cooking in the game, I think what comes from cooking is cute and a bit fun.  You combine random ingredients to create various foods which may just give you hearts, maybe it gives back some stamina, or cold or heat tolerance.  Whatever it maybe it’s a cool idea.  The system for doing it though is annoying.  Here’s how it works, first, I need to find a cooking pot, and there are plenty in towns.  Once at a cooking pot, if the fire is out, we need to place a flint down.  To do this, you need to open your inventory find your flint, hold it, back out of the inventory and drop the flint.  Once the flint is on the ground, you need to switch your weapon, to a metal weapon and swing at the flint.  This starts the fire under the cooking pot.  Now to use the cooking pot to cook food, you need to open your inventory, select your ingredients (up to five), leave your inventory and select the cooking pot to cook the food.  You get a rewarding little tune, which is fun, and poof your food is done.  There are so many ingredients the food creation can be interesting.  What irritates me about it is every time I want to make another dish, I have to go through the process of grabbing your food out of your inventory and cooking with the pot.  This gets to be quite an issue, when you are needing to cook a large amount of food.  Oh and you can cook fairies, I find that to be hilarious.  Oh hey Tinkerbell time to go into the cooking pot.

Smaller Complaints You Can Look Beyond

Other than there not being enough monsters in the world, the horses seemingly never walking straight, yes even Epona from the Amiibo unlock, and the empty world, the game itself is amazing.  I play at least four shrines every evening, my fiancé is caught up my game play constantly asking me questions as I continue the story and even my four year old son enjoys watching, when it catches his attention.

Final Thoughts

Did Nintendo do Zelda right this time? Hell yes they did. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is loads of fun, once you get beyond the annoyances.  The story itself is pretty damn cool.  I always feel like I can see Ganon floating around the Hyrule castle just waiting for me to arrive.  As well, as stated in the beginning of the review, the world is beautiful.  Catching the wild horses is pretty cool too, you get to break them!!!  It is a pain in the ass when they walk off after you dismount them.  Shrines can be a bit short, but when you get the good puzzle shrines they feel very rewarding when you complete them.  I honestly give Zelda: Breath of the Wild a solid 8 out of 10, it’s not a perfect game, it is an awesome game, and whether you are stuck with a Wii U or had the pleasure of getting yourself a Nintendo Switch, if you have not already partaken, take my advice and get yourself a copy of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Breakdown

The Trainwreck Gaming Technical Breakdown:

  • Audio – 8
  • Visuals – 10
  • Controls – 6
  • Game Features – 8
  • Gameplay – 8

Technical Score – 8

The Trainwreck Gaming Reviewer Score:

  • 8

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