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A Tiring Climb — Making it Through Pandora’s Tower

Pandora’s Tower is what I consider an aptly named game: it has a tower, which one spends most of the game progressing through, and it’s like Pandora’s box in that while opening the game and playing it seems innocuous, it will result in releasing every evil that is, was, or ever will be, upon the world. Well, maybe not that bad, but it will unleash its fair share of suffering onto the player. There is a decent story in Pandora’s Tower. It’s just a shame that it’s irrelevant to just about every action I take. Pandora’s Tower tells its story through flashbacks and dreams, most of which don’t even readily relate to the main characters of the game. The player takes the role of Aeron, a soldier tragically born without a shred of personality. Aeron dives into danger in order to save Elena, a young woman defined by her excessive ...

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Beyond Infinity – The Low-Down on Bioshock Infinite

In what is quickly becoming one of the year’s most critically acclaimed releases, Bioshock Infinite is a game I went into with high expectations. It’s quite the the roller coaster ride, filled with ups, downs, twists, turns, and finally a horrible crash as the car falls apart, sails off the rail, and slams into the ground a la Final Destination. But seeing as the end is a bit of a downer, let’s start with the ups — namely, the gameplay. Simply put, Infinite is a lot of fun to play. Nothing tops the feeling of blasting a foe with a crazy superpower then following up with a good ol’ bullet to the face. The superpowers, known as Vigors, come in a wide variety. In general, Infinite seems to put a lot of emphasis on Vigors interacting with enemies rather than the environment. From Possession to Undertow, Vigors manipulate foes around ...

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