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Return Trip — Back With Metro: Last Light

And back we go to the Moscow Metro! Metro: Last Light picks up one year after the conclusion of Metro 2033 and Artyom once again has to venture into tunnels of the metro and the ruins of Moscow in order to save his home. Due to the player’s accomplishments in the previous game, humanity has a bit stronger of a foothold in the world. The biggest dangers are now other humans, rather than mutant monsters. The world does still feel dangerous, but no longer quite as chaotic. The enemies are more defined and there isn’t as much of a lingering, persistent threat as there was in 2033. But, for me, this change is a good thing. The game adapts, both in story and in gameplay, to accommodate for the change in atmosphere. It gives Last Light a feeling of being distinctly different from 2033, while not feeling disconnected — in ...

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Tickets, Please – Riding Metro 2033 (Part 1)

Things are gonna be a little different the next two overviews. Metro: Last Light, a story-based first person shooter from 4A Games, is coming out May 14th, so in preparation for that release, I decided to pick up its predecessor: Metro 2033. Usually, I don’t like to directly compare games, preferring to see how a game stands up based purely on its own merits. But, I feel like trying something a little different. This review won’t be any different from what I’ve normally but putting up. But, in the next article, I’ll also be looking at what 4A Games decided to change or tweak between 2033 and Last Light. Also, the Last Light review won’t be up until the 26th. The game releases mid-week, and I decided to just push the review back rather than give you guys a half-baked article. So, with that out of the way, here’s what ...

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Galactic Conquest and You — Blasting Off With StarDrive

Space Wolves and Space Bugs and Space Bears, oh my! I wasn’t really sure what to expect picking up StarDrive, a 4X Strategy game by indie developer Iceberg Interactive. I knew generally what I was getting: a game where I could build a galaxy-spanning empire, conquer planets, and subjugate alien races to my own megalomaniac whims — y’know, the stuff they talk about on the back of the box (Disclaimer: StarDrive doesn’t have a box. It’s only available on Steam, to my knowledge.) How they approached the whole deal is what pulled me in. A distinguishing feature of StarDrive is how it handles its races. Yes, there are established races which have their own strengths and weaknesses. What makes StarDrive interesting is that these traits are attributed through a point system which can be edited at the start of the game. A race may excel at industrial production, which costs ...

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