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A Whole Lot of What — Deadpool

A tl;dr Haiku: My review is: ‘meh.’ That is all I’ve got for you. No big impressions. Deadpool, produced for the PC by High Moon Studios, might win the award for most aptly named game of the year. It was about Deadpool. It was like Deadpool: over the top, occasionally funny, and upon close inspection, actually pretty messed up. Playing the game is fun…ish. By which I mean it’s fun some of the time. Mostly when I’m glitching out on invisible walls or getting punched through nothingness which is supposed to be a wall. There seems to be a lot of half-done content in the game — invisible boundaries, crannies where I can easily get stuck, and objects which are bigger than they appear on the screen. Another thing that I have to do before I can get down to enjoying the game is rebinding all the controls to be ...

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Shooting the Breeze…Also, People — Gunpoint

A tl;dr Haiku: Climb walls and punch faces. Seven-story body slams. This game is awesome.   Spies are awesome. Always cool and collected, they make the right move at the right time to save the day — all without anyone noticing. So it’s only fitting that in a game about being a spy, I had to use tactical cunning, devious planning, and shrewd trap-setting in order to succeed. That or, y’know, jump dudes while their backs are turned and punch them repeatedly in face. Gunpoint, made by Suspicious Developments, is an indie strategy game for the PC. The player takes on the role of Richard Conway, a freelance spy. The game proceeds as a series of missions, starting with a briefing by the client telling me what needs to be done, followed by the mission, after which there is a debriefing. During the briefings, I am given dialogue options to ...

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Solving the Puzzle — Trine 2: Complete Story

A tl;dr Haiku: Relaxing puzzles Are a great way to kill time, But a bit pricey.   My platformer kick continues with Trine 2: Complete Story, a puzzle/adventure game by indie developer Frozenbyte, for the PC. Why so many platformers? Who knows. But when they keep being this good, it’s hard to stop. Trine 2 keeps it pretty simple. A mystic artifact, known as the Trine, appears and calls to three heroes, setting them off on an adventure. The heroes are typical of fantasy: a timid wizard, a bold warrior, and a sneaky thief. Despite playing into stereotypes, the characters still work. They each have distinct personalities to go along with the different feel of each’s playstyle. The story too isn’t anything groundbreaking and mostly serves as a premise for the levels. Again though, it doesn’t really bother me. It works for what it is and, in the end, what keeps ...

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Slicing Through — Dust: An Elysian Tail

A tl;dr Haiku: Beat-’em-up fun with Amnesiac Samurai Cats. Just keep pressing ‘K’. I was initially pretty hesitant to try this game. I heard good things about it, but I also heard that it had a brooding amnesiac lead and furries. As you may have guessed, I got over my reluctance and got the game — and I’m glad I did. Though there were a number of small issues here and there, the game as a whole is solid and none of the flaws subtract from the fun of being a whirling hairball of swords and murder. As an action platformer, the biggest thing Dust has to get right is the gameplay — which it does. Dust manages to nail down a fast paced and acrobatic style of combat while sticking to a simple control scheme. The only real problem with the gameplay is the imbalance in the moves. The ...

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Running to a Beat — Racing with Rush Bros.

A tl;dr Haiku: Exciting premise That plays a bit awkwardly. Maybe I’m just bad. Know what sounds cool? A music-based, time-attack style platformer where the obstacles move in time with the beat. Rush Bros., from indie developers XYLA Entertainment, tries to deliver this, but ultimately falls a few steps short due to hiccups in the gameplay and controls. The big selling point of this game, to me at least, is the music. The tracks all fit well with the feel of the game and give an exciting pace to many of the levels. While the music is fitting, I’m not the biggest fan of all of tracks. Luckily, the game does give me the option to import my own music (so long as it’s .mp3 or .ogg). This is a great feature, and though there were definitely better, or at least more fitting, options available, I found myself playing more ...

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