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Fantastic Facekicking — Divekick

tl;dr Haiku: Two button fighter With a cigar-smoking bear. What more could you ask?   Know what’s awesome? Punching people in the face. Know what’s better? Kicking people in the face. Every once throughout the eons, a game arises from beyond the veil of mortals. A game which taps into the primal, joyous essence derived from kicking people in the face. Divekick, delivered unto us by Iron Galaxy for the PC and PS3, is a game which distills this essence and administers the ether to our systems through a precisely placed, diving kick to the face. Divekick relishes in its simple controls. There are two buttons. Dive and Kick. Dive makes you dive in the air. Kick makes you kick towards the ground. What kind of kick you ask? Well it depends on which of the thirteen characters is kicking. We have divekicks, dropkicks, roundhouse kicks, flying kicks, rocket kicks, ...

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Jamming Out — Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians

A tl;dr Haiku: Underwater fun. Everyone speaks in beat-box. This game is my jam.   Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians is a charming platforming title for the PC, developed by Threaks. Beatbuddy takes the catchy tune and timing of a rhythm game and carries them over to a platforming adventure. Between the music and the clever puzzles, there is always something that kept me playing, despite the game being a little buggy. Like many others, underwater levels drive me insane. Floppy controls, lack of interesting gameplay options, and sloth-like speed always make time under the sea painful. Thankfully, Beatbuddy, despite being set entirely underwater, doesn’t have any of the typical aquatic gameplay issues. The controls feel good. There is still a bit of float to the handling, but it isn’t anything extreme enough that it interferes with where I try to move. The key stroke while swimming is streamlined, so ...

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Crashed in a Storm – Castle Storm

A tl;dr Haiku: Throw rocks at castles. Wait, nevermind. Not allowed. Grind up those upgrades.   Castle Storm is an indie action game, developed by Zen Studios, for the PC. It’s a game that reminds me of that one kid we all knew from when we were younger. The one who had all the coolest toys, but refused to let anyone touch them if people didn’t play the games he wanted to play. Castle Storm has everything needed to be a blast, but it’s so stingy about letting me use anything that the whole game feels like I’m waiting for permission to have fun. The game combined two primary ideas: a tower defense like system where I can train an army and send them into battle in an attempt to capture the enemy flag, or a siege system similar to Angry Birds and other such games, where I use a ballista stationed ...

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