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Pokemon X and Y Is This Still So Awesome?

A tl:dr haiku Free time disappears Pokemon strikes once again. How many we at?   A lot of people get tired of sequels eventually. A lot of adults outgrow childish hobbies and move on to more mature forms of entertainment. A lot of folks who still have their sanity would never dream of obsessively hunting down and capturing a progressively impractical number of vibrantly colored, super-powered critters. For everyone else, we have Pokemon X and Pokemon Y for the Nintendo 3DS. Though not necessary for many, I’ll make mention for the uninitiated: Pokemon is a RPG in which one uses their own Pokemon to beat the snot out of other Pokemon – to either weaken and capture them for cataloging or to defeat them for money and prestige. If capturing and indexing Pokemon is the player’s objective, the process is repeated until the player has ‘caught ’em all’. If the ...

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Flashback Away Slowly

tl;dr haiku: Underwhelming game With problems beyond gameplay. At least it looks nice.   Sometimes, I find I don’t appreciate how video games are an evolving medium. I take for granted how the majority of developers always strive to make better games, rather than just regurgitating an exact copy of what has come before. It takes a game like Flashback, a platformer for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 by Vectorcell, to slap me in the face and remind me how clunky and stale games can be. Now if it seems like I’m being harsh, I am. Because this game deserves it. Maybe the mood was set to be sour when I had to download and register with a third party DRM and game distribution client, Uplay, before I could even start up the game. But hey, that’s my fault for not reading the fine print of the game’s requirements. ...

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