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Game for a Dreary Day — Risk of Rain

A tl;dr Haiku: Inexpensive game With good options and freshness. Something’s still off, though.   A mysterious planet, weird creatures, and a lot of gunfire. That’s what’s being offered in Risk of Rain, an action platformer for the PC. There are also enough playable characters to keep the game fresh, pixel graphics reminiscent of the highly difficult games Risk of Rain emulates, and plenty of achievements to hunt down after the main game is finished. But, I’ll put achievements aside for now as beating the main game is enough of a challenge in itself. Risk of Rain utilizes a permanent death system. Anytime I die, I have to start again from scratch. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Throughout the game, items can be found to augment and upgrade my character’s abilities. If these just built up, rather than being wiped upon each death, the game would get incredibly easy ...

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Door on the Left — The Stanley Parable

A tl;dr Haiku: Explore and click game With endings out the wazoo. Everything’s spoilers.   Trying to describe The Stanley Parable in depth is a lot like gargling yogurt: it just ends up a confusing mess with nothing productive to show for it. Assigning traits is a bit easier, but it would take far longer than practical to name everything that The Stanley Parable is. To just give a few, The Stanley Parable is odd, funny, and absolutely incredible. The premise of this game is that the player takes the role of Stanley, an office drone who one day notices that he is the only one left in his building. Everyone else has disappeared and the only other presence is a voice narrating his every action. Stanley embarks on a quest to find out where everyone has gone and to try to make sense of everything that is happening. Beyond ...

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