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Running Free — Vector

A tl;dr Haiku: Flee from oppression While doing sick flips and stuff. Or ram into walls.   Yeah! Fight the faceless establishment! Wait, I don’t have a face either? Ah well, it’s all silhouettes. I can project. Vector is a platformer for the PC through Steam, developed by Nekki GmbH. If the name sounds familiar, that’s probably because the game has existed in a limited form as a free Facebook and mobile game for quite some time. But, through the magic of Steam Greenlight, a full, now growing, version has appeared. Vector is a game based on reactions. The player automatically runs across the screen, over rooftops, into construction sites, and through futuristic, industrial parks, and taps keys on prompt to avoid obstacles while trying to outrun a pursuer. It’s simple – the formula hasn’t strayed from what originally got players hooked and willing to support it through Greenlight in ...

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