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To Flight! — Luftrausers

A tl;dr Haiku Guns and fighter jets With bullets that shoot bullets. Everything explodes.   Ever wanted to be a fighter pilot but just couldn’t hack it because of poor circumstances, total lack of piloting ability, or discontentment with the fact that modern jets aren’t equipped with lasers and amphibious engine capabilities? Luftrausers, for multiple platforms by Vlambeer, addresses that third and most important issue in a fun, arcade style action game.   Gameplay 8.0 / 10 The gameplay is great. There’s a certain charm in games like Luftrausers, which get me excited and engaged enough to start trash talking NPCs. The controls are simple. Directional inputs are used for steering and accelerating, and a single button is for firing the plane’s weapon. How the controls flow, however, is fairly dependent on how the fighter customization feature is utilized. Luftrausers kept its customization system fairly simple. The game advertises that ...

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Ultimate Power — South Park: Stick of Truth

A tl;dr Haiku Weaponized farts and great RPG gameplay. Got what I paid for.   Farts, slapstick, toilet humor, and role playing games. South Park: The Stick of Truth by Obsidian Entertainment, for multiple platforms, hits on and mixes all of these to create a video game based off a T.V show. And as a departure from what I find to be the norm concerning games adapted from television programming, this game actually isn’t terrible! Instead of a fast and cheap knock off to make a few dollars, Stick of Truth manages to capture the spirit of the show it’s based on while still playing as a fun and interesting RPG in its own right.   Gameplay 9.0 / 10 This game surprised me with its solid gameplay. The system for attacking, using abilities, and defending is interactive beyond simply selecting a command and watching the RNG go to work. ...

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

A tl;dr Haiku Two brothers go and Decimate my emotions. Also, they ride goats.   Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, by Starbreeze Studios AB for the PC, is a game I put off playing for quite a while. Primarily because it requires a controller that isn’t a keyboard and mouse, which I did not have for the longest time. After playing however, I can’t help but want to kick myself for not just getting off my lazy tush, getting a controller, and playing it earlier because Brothers is a flat-out amazing game.   Gameplay 8.5 / 10 The control scheme for Brothers is simple in theory, but not necessarily in execution. As I mentioned, despite being for the PC, a separate controller is required for play. This is because both brothers are controlled simultaneously. Each brother moves via one of a controller’s two analog sticks. Aside from movement, each ...

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