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Life Goes On — But Not For Everyone

A tl;dr Haiku If at first you fail, Throw bodies at the problem. It will work. Maybe.   Man. Know what stinks in games? Dying. It’s always, “Your heart stopped beating,” or “You’ve been blown into more pieces than most jig saw puzzles,” and then the level reloads and I’m stuck back at the start like nothing ever happened. Where’s the honor in that? Where’s the dignity? Where’s the opportunity to use my old corpse as a frozen projectile? Not sure about the first two, but the last one is with Life Goes On, an indie puzzle game by Infinite Monkeys Entertainment Ltd. Gameplay 8.5 / 10 Using corpses as a tool to solve puzzles: lots of fun. Life Goes On was based mainly around creating a corpse to act as a dead-weight to hold down various buttons situated around the maps. Where the game got creative was in how ...

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Go Faster! — Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming

  A tl;dr Haiku Run at everything Like, really really quickly. Also: time travel.     Time is short. Time is money. Time is best spent in thirty-second chunks killing monsters who threaten the world in Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming, a fast paced JRPG for the PC by OPUS. I know ‘fast-paced’ and ‘JRPG’ don’t often mix in the same crowds. Or the same states. But hang with me, because they managed something and it’s a lot of fun.   Gameplay 8.5 / 10 For a game with such simple controls, Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming is incredibly fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some simple controls. The less thinking I have to do between seeing an enemy and engaging in wholesale slaughter, the better. This game accomplishes that very well. Basic directional inputs dictate movement. Moving into enemies automatically fights them. So one control ...

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