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Killin’ Nazis — Wolfenstein: The New Order

A tl;dr Haiku Kill lots of Nazis With futuristic lasers. And guns too, I guess.   World War II would have ended a lot sooner if soldiers had been dual-wielding shotguns. Or so Wolfenstein: The New Order, a first person shooter developed by Machine Games and published by Bethesda Softworks, would have us believe. Wolfenstein puts its focus, in both gameplay and story, on killing Nazis. There isn’t a lot of depth in theming, but varied gameplay and an overall fun experience makes Wolfenstein worth a look.   Gameplay: 8.0 / 10 At a glance, the gameplay was fairly simple. Kill Nazis. When enough Nazis were killed a certain way, special perks were unlocked. Perks help to kill Nazis even more. The rub in this is in that there were multiple types of perks which reflect different play styles. For instance, killing Nazis stealthily would grant abilities which help with ...

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Shine On — Child of Light

A tl;dr Haiku A land of magic And speaking only in rhyme. This game is quite fine.   Fairy tales are awesome. Video games are awesome. Child of Light, by Ubisoft Montreal, recognized those two facts and asked, ‘Why not at the same time?’ More than anything, Child of Light feels like a fairy tale realized in the form of an RPG. It has fun combat, an interesting story line, and charming music.   Gameplay 9.0 / 10 There are basic RPG elements present in Child of Light: a leveling system, a few basic equipment options, and a (fairly sprawling) skill tree. But what makes Child of Light an engaging play is its combat system. The combat system is turn-based…mostly. Each character will have a turn, at which point a battle menu can be navigated to attack, defend, use an item, etc. But the time leading up to that turn ...

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