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Mostly Impressive — Wildstar

A tl;dr Haiku Online game with a Refreshing take on combat. Also: Hovercrafts.   Okay, so a ‘review’ of an MMO can be pretty tricky. After all, how can a conclusive review be formed if a player has not played every class, to max level, in every role, at every level of play? And how could I, or any reviewer, have done all of that in the less than three weeks for which Wildstar, a new action-based MMORPG by NCSoft, has been live? Is it even possible? For the sake of argument, interest, and blatantly obvious lies, I am going to say yes.   Gameplay 8.0 / 10 Wildstar does a good job of mixing things up depending on what class is being played. Yes, it’s an MMO. The overwhelming number of tasks in need of completion are related to murdering the stuffing out of X number of enemies. But ...

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Watching Watch_Dogs

A tl;dr Haiku Great open world fun When it actually works. ‘When’ is the key word.   Some games are great fun, while having a few wrinkles. Some games are fun, despite having a few wrinkles. And some games, like Watch_Dogs, an open-world action game from Ubisoft, are great fun but have enough wrinkles to give H. W. Seely a moderately disastrous panic attack.   Gameplay 8.5 / 10 Running around a questionably accurate representation of Chicago, hacking into anything that might conceivably contain a computer chip is a ton of fun. The open-world aspect is great. The area available to explore is enormous, and many hours can be spent simply wandering from one point to another resolving every conflict and participating in every mission which pops up. This is even excluding all the extra, randomly generating missions that are produced by the game on the fly. As an open ...

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