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Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)

A tl;dr Haiku Alaskan folklore Via side scrolling action. Fight a polar bear.   Educational games tend to be crappy, as a rule. Because of that, Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna), an indie adventure game for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 developed by Upper One Games and E-Line Media, is therefore not an educational game, as it is not crappy. But it still teaches things beyond “how to murder fictional people.” So… documentary game? That’ll work.   Gameplay 8.0 / 10 Never Alone is a side scrolling puzzle adventure game. It joins what seems to be a growing trend of giving the player control over two characters simultaneously (or in co-op if you have a weird things, allegedly known as “friends.”) In this case, the characters are a Nuna, a young Inupiat girl who is an excellent hunter, and an arctic fox who is totally rad. Nuna is able to ...

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Lord Strell Presents – This War of Mine

This War of Mine

LordStrell’s Blazing Reviews Starring This War of Mine “You’re never prepared for War.”   War stories and games are always depicted in many different perspectives, most times they are through the eyes of the soldier on the front line. However, This War of Mine sets you in the shoes of a group of refugee civilians caught in the middle of a brutal civil war. While the token oppressive dictator leads soldiers and the over-zealous for the people, rebels are also present within the story, however, this story is not about them. This War of Mine is about you braving the dangers of the battlefield and not becoming a casualty of war.  In this heart pounding and soul shattering strategy game it will really make you question your morals at their core.     The Review Your story begins with an assortment of three random refugees, each with their own origins ...

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A Bird Story

A tl;dr Haiku Walk to and from school And have no friends but a bird More movie than game.   A Bird Story, an indie adventure title from Freebird Games, either spends most of its time in a trippy dream world or it exists in a universe where there is no divide between literal and figurative language. It could also be both. It’s not abundantly clear.   Gameplay 6.0 / 10 So there isn’t a lot of gameplay in this game, flat out. I mean, you can interact with the game. But you can also interact with a slide show, and I don’t usually consider those games. Now that’s a little harsh, seeing as A Bird Story is far more interactive and interesting than a slide show, but the point I’m trying to get around to is that it’s not very interactive as a whole. It has a tendency to ...

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Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth

A tl;dr Haiku Slow pace strategy No countries, only sponsors Also, giant bugs.   Being a dictator is tough work, micromanaging every aspect of a society take a toll on a fellow. Being a dictator on an alien world is even more intense because ALIENS. Or at least, that seems to be the theory behind Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth, a strategy game for the PC developed by Firaxis Games.   Gameplay 6.5 / 10 Beyond Earth can be a fun game to play. Sometimes. Kind of. For a game where I was given control of every aspect of a society from how many cities get built to the philosophical practices of everyone under my control, the depth in the game seemed rather lacking. Yet still confusing. Take for example the ‘Tech Web,’ a web of various futuristic technologies which could be researched to advance science in my society. Completing ...

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