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Best Games of the Year — Haiku Edition

A tl;dr Haiku of the tl;dr Haikus The best of the best For year two thousand fourteen Spoilers: Claptrap wins.   Best Gameplay of the Year Entertaining fights And some good skill variance Make this a winner. Winner – South Park: The Stick of Truth   Best Graphics of the Year Would have lost except Revengeance was in ’13. Technicalities! Winner – Wolfenstein: The New Order   Best Story of the Year Funny dialogue, and an engaging story. Told you Claptrap wins. Winner – Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!   Game of the Year Dubious honor Considering that my taste Is complete rubbish. Winner – Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

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A tl;dr Haiku Cyberpunk stealth game With all the stability Of a card castle.   Underneath it all, there’re some pretty cool gameplay ideas hiding in Metrocide, an indie top-down stealth game for the PC by Flat Earth Games. There’s the potential for creative assassinations: precise killings which utilize creative gadgets, the target’s psychological state, and even the layout of the city streets. Unfortunately, that potential is buried very deeply beneath mounds of problems which include inconsistent A.I., game-breaking glitches, and more crashes than a demolition derby.   Gameplay 6.0 / 10 The controls for Metrocide are mostly simple. Movement is done through the WSAD keys, though in the default settings, these directions are relative to where the mouse cursor is, which is a bit confusing. Luckily, there is an option to switch to traditional WSAD movement. The arrow keys also work if one is a heinous villain who, in an ...

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