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Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame

A tl;dr Haiku Drain life from rabbits And give it to rocks and vines. And dub such: balance.   Color, style, grace… and screamo? Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame an indie puzzle-platformer title by Basecamp Games in which the player takes the role of an entity known as the Karmakeeper as it travels through worlds, meets with their inhabitants, and decides their fates. All to operatic metal. It’s pretty rad.   Gameplay Karmaflow has some interesting gameplay mechanics which can sometimes have a hard time shining through miscellaneous bugs. The basic ability used to progress through the levels is taking energy from objects and infusing said energy into other objects. Whether an object has energy determines whether it will have an impact on the environment. For instance, infusing a vine with energy may cause it to grow up a wall, granting access to a higher area. Each object has a ...

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A tl;dr Haiku Simple puzzle game With nondescript colored blocks. Most bang for the buck.   Back to indie games! Back to puzzle games! Back to spending less on a game than I do on lunch! This week’s target is Cubot, a simple puzzle game developed by Nicolas Pierre-Loti-Viaud for the PC. Is it good? Is it bad? Should you play this game? Read the review and find out! Or just scroll to the bottom for the one word answer. I can’t really stop you.   Gameplay What I liked most about the gameplay was the simplicity. There are only four directions to move a cube and every cube on the screen moves with every input. Each input is a ‘turn’ and the objective is to solve the puzzle in as few turns as possible. There’s an ‘undo’ button to take back the last move made, and there’s the ability ...

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