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Lord Strell’s Blazing Reviews presents – The Escapists

Map it, Plan it, Prep it, and Don’t drop the Soap. Do you remember that time when you were a little kid, playing cops and robbers with all of your friends? Now fast forward about 25+ Years and meet the game being brought to life with all that and a bag of chips. The Escapists is a rather bold indie game, revisiting sprite artwork from days past. Do not be fooled, beneath its rather simple aesthetics is a strategic RPG that will blow your mind. You may think you’ve hatched the perfect scheme to make it out of prison, and just when you think you’re home free…bam. It only takes one mistake for the guards to catch you and set you back to square one. The game is merciless outside of the starting tutorial, and will keep you on your toes right from the get go. Interested? Then let’s start ...

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Train Wreck of Thoughts – Crowfall and MMOs

I was once a long time MMO player, and as some of you may remember I was also once host of the TOROcast podcast, based on Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Unfortunately, my hopes were raised entirely too high for SWTOR. While I admit the hype that accompanied the game was partly my fault, it was also partly the fault of BioWare and EA.  Upon release I found the game to be lacking what I was looking for.  That’s neither here nor there now. In my recent grumblings with fellow gamers, I’ve come to two determinations concerning MMO’s.  Most of the time when we play a game that has a similar resemblance to World of Warcraft, we as gamers are also guilty of spouting the phrase, “it’s a just another WoW clone.”  Lately, when I have caught myself saying something like this, I have had to stop and really think ...

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Darkest Dungeon

A tl;dr Haiku Delve dungeons for gold Wait, employ someone instead That sounds dangerous. I would be, like, the worst employer ever. I pay peanuts, callously send my workers into dungeons filled with eldritch horrors and abominations, work everyone to the point of developing severe neuroses, and offer a mental health plan primarily consisting of giving traumatized employees unfettered access to alcohol. Also, there’s no dental. In short, Darkest Dungeon, an indie title by Red Hook Studios in early access for the PC, would make for a horrible business simulator, but already has the makings of a great turn-based RPG. Gameplay The core game play consists of assembling a team of four heroes to venture into various dungeons to slay monsters and gather treasure. There are so far ten character classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Heroes who venture into the dungeons may well die, and when they ...

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Lord Strell’s Blazing Reviews Presents – Dying Light

  If Mirror’s Edge and Dead Island were to have a baby, this is it. Zombie Apocalypse here, Zombie Apocalypse there, Zombie games are everywhere you might say. You’re correct as the zombie game train (Train Wreck Gaming, see what I did there?) continues down the tracks into 2015 with Dying Light debuting last month. The game has seen massive popularity in it’s initial sales and I’m certain many are curious about the hype.   Dying Light “is not” what I would consider a zombie survival game.  I would consider it an intense action thriller, sporting intense running/parkour elements similar to EA’s Mirrors Edge with zombies strewn about.  Dying Light provides no real stress or resource management similar to most other survival games.  However, it tests how well you are able to take advantage of all the various environmental elements in the world.  Unlike most other survival horror games, where ...

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A tl;dr Haiku Save your home planet And blow up all the others. That’s some real win-win.   Planets are like potatoes. They can be blown up and then have the rubble used to stabilize dying worlds. Or something to that effect. I don’t know a lot about potatoes. Destructamundo, a casual indie game developed by MiniVisions, focuses on the practical side of such a theory by encouraging the efficient destruction of the universe.   Gameplay Destructamundo is a puzzle game, or at least as puzzle-ish as a game about exploding planets is ever going to be. The gameplay in Destructamundo is simple: click, and an explosion appears at that location. If it hits anything, that object will also explode. In fact, anything touched by an explosion from any source, will explode. It’s fantastic. When creating an explosion is done with a simple click of the mouse, the challenge comes ...

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