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Train Wreck Gaming – S2E3 – Totally

Its Thursday, well probably by the time this post actually goes live it’ll be Friday, and yet again, I am late posting the Train Wreck Gaming podcast. Its done editing, the video will be available on YouTube tomorrow (still talking about Friday), but for those of you fancy folks out there who like the old school way of listening to a show on your fancy listenin’ boxes, welcome to the podcast. This week’s episode we have plenty to talk about, John Smedley of Pixel Mage Studios (former CEO of SOE and Daybreak Game Studio) has decided to shut down their first Kickstarter for Hero’s Song. Nintendo last week had a small leak pertaining to the Nintendo NX, most of what we expected is happening so its not a whole lot of new information, but of course we have our own opinions on that. Homefront: The Revolution released their co-op trailer ...

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Train Wreck Gaming – S2E2 – Listenin’ Boxes

Another week and yet another Episode, do we like just listening to ourselves talk or do we think we’re actually good at doing this podcast stuff.  I’ll let you decide.  This week its more gaming talk from Samm and Rory starting off with the Five Nights at Freddy’s RPG getting its release date mid February.  We move on from that to discuss some ESPN E-Sports, Rory the ever-loving optimist give his thoughts as to why its probably going to be awesome and Samm is a bit skeptical, we’d like to hear your thoughts below.  Iron Maiden is launching an RPG and as long as its as good as the Aerosmith Genesis game both seem to be on board. Moving on from that we discuss some great stuff with Doom, as John Romero has released a new level while he “warms up” for possibly a new project? Former CEO of Sony ...

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Train Wreck Gaming – S2E1 – Ocu-cuse Me?

Alright we’re done with our break, and its time to start posting podcasts back to the website, HERE WE GO!  Episode one of season two brings Samm and Rory together to discuss this week’s latest and greatest news bits well greatest in their eyes. (Yes this news is old and yes it is a week late as we recorded the podcast last week it wasn’t old and the podcast wasn’t late.)  Its quite surprising how far behind you can get when you don’t do something for a month, fear not we’re back with a new build to the show and lots more to come.  We’re discussing quite a bit starting with Sony’s attempt at trademarking “Let’s Play” I couldn’t imagine what would happen were they to take over that TM.  We take a look at it through the eyes of a lawyer and review the situation as well as give ...

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