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Fat Tracer

Train Wreck Gaming – S2E4 – Fat Tracer

What’s up everyone another episode of the Train Wreck Gaming podcast for you to enjoy right here! This week join Samm and Rory in some very interesting gaming discussions from news around the globe (literally). First we’re talking about the game development in South Africa, ...

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Train Wreck Podcast – Sunday Wreck – Deadpool

Sunday Wreck Season 2 episode two we kick it off with with some Deadpool conversation.  The guys really aren’t sure if it’ll be good or not.  Hey, here’s to hoping.  This podcast is basically all about the happenings of the last two weeks with various ...

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Train Wreck Gaming – S2E3 – Totally

Its Thursday, well probably by the time this post actually goes live it’ll be Friday, and yet again, I am late posting the Train Wreck Gaming podcast. Its done editing, the video will be available on YouTube tomorrow (still talking about Friday), but for those ...

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Train Wreck Gaming – S2E2 – Listenin’ Boxes

Another week and yet another Episode, do we like just listening to ourselves talk or do we think we’re actually good at doing this podcast stuff.  I’ll let you decide.  This week its more gaming talk from Samm and Rory starting off with the Five ...

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Train Wreck Gaming – S2E1 – Ocu-cuse Me?

Alright we’re done with our break, and its time to start posting podcasts back to the website, HERE WE GO!  Episode one of season two brings Samm and Rory together to discuss this week’s latest and greatest news bits well greatest in their eyes. (Yes ...

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