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Steam Holiday Sale Haiku Extravaganza

Another season, another Steam Sale. I was again a little too ADD to just focus on one game during the onslaught of deals; so again you all get a half dozen haiku. What’s that? This becoming a pattern? Whaaaat? Don’t be ridiculous. Now if you’ll ...

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Running Free — Vector

A tl;dr Haiku: Flee from oppression While doing sick flips and stuff. Or ram into walls.   Yeah! Fight the faceless establishment! Wait, I don’t have a face either? Ah well, it’s all silhouettes. I can project. Vector is a platformer for the PC through ...

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Game for a Dreary Day — Risk of Rain

A tl;dr Haiku: Inexpensive game With good options and freshness. Something’s still off, though.   A mysterious planet, weird creatures, and a lot of gunfire. That’s what’s being offered in Risk of Rain, an action platformer for the PC. There are also enough playable characters ...

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Door on the Left — The Stanley Parable

A tl;dr Haiku: Explore and click game With endings out the wazoo. Everything’s spoilers.   Trying to describe The Stanley Parable in depth is a lot like gargling yogurt: it just ends up a confusing mess with nothing productive to show for it. Assigning traits ...

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Pokemon X and Y Is This Still So Awesome?

A tl:dr haiku Free time disappears Pokemon strikes once again. How many we at?   A lot of people get tired of sequels eventually. A lot of adults outgrow childish hobbies and move on to more mature forms of entertainment. A lot of folks who ...

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